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Oninattsu! I'm Hisui12 ^^ an Spanish Love Live fan who spends her free time making content of this franchise in YouTube and playing their games. You can call me Hisui!

Favourite idols

My ID games and social networks

SIF (GB)Hisui12 - 943671802
SIFAS (GB)Hisui12 - 475689555
L4 CircleHisui12 - 8WAXGK70P
SIF2 (JP)Hisui12 - 239290909041946
SIF2 (GB)Hisui12 - ???

These are my Social Networks. You can talk with me in both places, but if you send a message in, tell me about it in YouTube, please; I'm more active there.

Other games where I'm active too
Pokémon Showdown: Hisui12-LL!
Feel free to ask about my Nintendo Friend Codes to play together! :D


Sometimes I participate in Love Live covers or art trades by drawing 90s anime style fakescreenshots. Here there are some examples. I do edits too!:

Fan characters

In some of my videos it appears a character named Hisui. She's my avatar.

If you have arrived until here, thank you so much for reading. I hope we can be friends. Bye bye! ^^